12 June – 27 September 2015

“Landscape #4”, 2015, © Kasia Klimpel 


“31°38′ 10.09″ n 51°00′ 25.36″ e”, 2015, © Kasia Klimpel 


The Grand Tour is a travelogue through the world of maps” is Kasia Klimpel’s description of her virtual travel images. With the digitization of everyday life, photographic images have taken on an increasingly fleeting quality. They are shared en masse and largely unfiltered in social networks, dispersing rapidly in all possible directions. In an artistic context, they are beginning to serve with growing frequency as more than just (static) exhibition objects. This is the juncture where Kasia Klimpel intervenes, by trying to smuggle her own photographic yet fictional model landscapes – which she produces through the traditional means of paper and light – into the operating systems and web sharing sites of global search engines. In doing so, she plays with the unpredictability of algorithms. When and under what conditions are her staged images of horizons, mountain panoramas and sunsets inserted into these systems as geotags?

SITUATION #15: Kasia Klimpel, The Grand Tour, 2015

12 June – 27 September 2015

More by Kasia Klimpel: kasiaklimpel.com/video_thegrandtour/

Cluster: seeing machines

Tags: algorithm, archetype, collage, digital, geo-tagging, Google Maps, Grand Tour, map, landscape, model, Panoramio, screenshot, search engine, virtual

A co-production by Le Musée de Bagnes and Fotomuseum Winterthur, accompanied by Roma Publication #242.

This project is supported by the Ringier AG.

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