3 October – 29 November 2015

SITUATION #22: Experimental Jetset, Lost Formats Preservation Society, 2000/2015

3 October – 29 November 2015

Fifteen years ago, the Dutch design studio Experimental Jetset was invited by the American typography magazine Emigre to design a special edition on the “End of Print.” In response, Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers und Danny van den Dungen inverted the—then and still now—impending end of print technology to create an homage to disappearances, assembling over 60 different silhouettes of electronic data storage formats, from the floppy disk to the Viewmaster reel, the audiotape, and the punch card. In their introductory statement they wrote: “There once was a time when every format contained its own specific data, while nowadays the CD-rom format is capable of containing all data.” They concluded that one day even this storage medium would disappear to make way for the “mythical non-format.”

For SITUATIONS, Experimental Jetset continue the inspiring reflections on their Lost Formats Preservation Society and look both back and ahead. What is lost and what is gained by this medial transformation? And could new digital spaces potentially develop a physical form of their own and thus lead to a new concept of materiality?

Lost Formats Preservation Society, 2015, design sketch

Experimental Jetset is producing a dynamic installation that changes every day from 3 October through 29 November. Follow the project on http://lostformats.tumblr.com and http://flickr.com/photos/fotomuseum_ch.


Date: Sunday, 29 November 2015
Time: 11.30 a.m.
Place: SITUATIONS, Fotomuseum Winterthur
Entry: 10 CHF / 8 CHF (exhibition and artist talk)

To round off the cluster SITUATIONS/Formats, Experimental Jetset (Marieke Stolk, Erwin Brinkers and Danny van den Dungen) will talk about their project Lost Formats Preservation Society.

More by Experimental Jetset: http://www.experimentaljetset.nl/

More about Lost Formats Preservation Society: http://www.experimentaljetset.nl/archive/lostformats

Cluster: formats

Tags: CD-romendmaterialityprintstoragetechnologytransformationtypographyutopia

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