8 April – 14 May 2017

SITUATION #71: Anne de Vries, Image Transfers – Apple, Pear and Banana, 2012

8 April – 14 May 2017


Image Transfers – Apple, Pear and Banana, digital print on photo paper, 2012 © Anne de Vries, Courtesy Galerie Martin van Zomeren, Amsterdam

The digital print Image Transfers – Apple, Pear and Banana by Anne de Vries lays bare the different levels of production employed in the realisation of the image. De Vries provides detailed information of the technological infrastructure required, where the photographed fruit came from, the image editing software (complete with updates) used, and the other steps taken before the image reached its final state as an artwork in the year 2012. These chains of production and circulation are overlaid onto the innocent-looking still life like an exhaustive protocol. It illustrates how images – in the form of objects and goods – are integrated into global economic structures and mechanisms; in processes and dynamics that (almost) never reveal themselves in photographic images, but always form part of them.

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Cluster: Placeholder

Tags: infrastructure, material, method, object, post-photography, production, program, representation

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