8 April – 14 May 2017

SITUATION #74: Alan Warburton, from Assets, 2014–

8 April – 14 May 2017


From Assets, C-Print, 2014 © Alan Warburton

Alan Warburton’s Assets are computer-generated images appropriated from online stock libraries. These virtual readymades are pure, ageless photorealistic representations of objects, untouched by the imperfections of the physical world. An image from the series depicts a burqa, an object that hides one’s gaze and is designed to conceal the identity and shape of the person in it. In a similar way, digital 3D assets remain shells of the actual thing. They attempt to render our unaltered platonic idea, seemingly untouched by interpretations, free from accidents, with no attachments to political and social implications. Yet these ghostly photographs, as much as they strive to be empty and dematerialized archetypes and placeholders, are always haunted by the memories of their contexts that are impossible to cast off.

More by Alan Warburton:

Cluster: Placeholder

Tags: 3DappropriationburqaCGI, digitalidealimmaterialstock photography, virtual

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